29 Feb

Liverpool Is Where The Heart (and the bouncy castle) Is


a bouncy castle in Liverpool I saw

My neice had a birthday last week and they had a bouncy castle delivered, the kids loved it but it was so cool that I had to take to hunt the company down on the internet to see if they had any pictures of it. I found it in the end by typing in “bouncy castle hire in Liverpool” I couldn’t find the company themselves (cobra castles) so that their website right there.

Honestly I remember as a kid a bouncy castle in itself was an absolute luxury but we pretty much just expected to have a standard castle delivered. But just have a look at what’s available these days. It’s just mad!

There’s snakes and mazes and all sorts of mad stuff going on. I’m telling ya kids are really spoilt these days. I wish I had kids though cos I’d just buy one every weekend just so I could go on it myself haha.

Seriously though I was talking to the guy who set it up and felt a proper balloon after hearing how big an industry this is. I thought it’d just be a case of a fella with a van and 2 or 3 bouncy castles probably the same type but I was amazed at what you can get. Just have a Google for bouncy castle hire in your local town. Obviously we’re in Liverpool so we looked for castles in Liverpool but just check out what’s going on this industry there’s so much you can get these days.

Anyway, thought I’d post it. I had to share it with somebody, seriously have a look at the selections on that website if you are considering a party for your kids. It’s just nuts.

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